Are Your Home Insurance Premiums Increasing? [State] Residents are Finding Ways to Save!


[State] - Some of the biggest home and auto insurers have increased prices by nearly 10% in the last two years. Costs are continuing to rise, but many have found a way to avoid it.1

Did you know that the average person who re-shopped their auto and home insurance saved between $363 and $2,182 annually2? As car and home insurance rates continue to rise across the country, do you know the secret to getting the best rates and saving money?

Previously, the only way to get the best rates was by going online or calling individual agents in [state], but this process has often been long and cumbersome. Online quotes can seem easy, but once you go through underwriting, you may end up with a much higher quote. And if you shop with just one local agent, you aren’t able to compare rates among carriers. With too many of us setting and forgetting our insurance, we could be losing hundreds, or thousands, of dollars each year and miss out on important coverage.

The easiest way to save on your insurance is to compare rates among many carriers yearly, and the best way to do that is with SelectQuote. SelectQuote makes comparing rates fast and easy. In just minutes, they can give you quotes from more than 20 insurance carriers and it is truly the fastest, and easiest, way to shop home and car insurance for the best rates.

If you haven’t compared rates because you aren’t sure if you want to change, that’s ok! When you compare rates, you don’t have to change your plan if there isn’t a better option for you out there. It is, though, a great way to verify you and your family have the right coverage at the right price. SelectQuote has compared rates for thousands of people and they can help you, too.

This might seem too good to be true, but SelectQuote’s licensed insurance agents and ability to shop some of the most trusted carriers at one time is a major time-saver. SelectQuote can compare rates and coverage in just minutes at no additional cost to you. Additionally, SelectQuote is commission agnostic—meaning they don’t make more money by selling you a certain policy or carrier. They’re truly there to help you find the best policy at a price that’s right for you. Their 4.8 out of 5 stars with more than 9,500 reviews speak for themselves. Get your free quote from SelectQuote today.

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